Recent talks


Identifying consideration sets through search and an implementation using Shiny

Building on ideas from optimal search theory and choice modeling, we develop a model that can jointly model the search and choice processes. We outline our experimental approach to get data to test our hypothesis using Shiny.

Sampling choice data from geo-referenced populations: issues to consider

We discuss the suitability of different samples for spatial choice data.

The use of latent variable models in policy: a road fraught with peril?

We consider the use of hybrid discrete choice models to inform policy.

A latent variable approach to investigate system 1/2 decision-making: evidence from a food choice and eye tracking experiment

We explore how front-of-pack nutrition labels influnce the adoption of systems 1 and 2 decision-making.

An information search approach to discrete choice analysis

In this paper we develop a novel model that explicitly considers the information search process.

Measuring time preference on repayment decisions: latent class trajectory modelling

This paper explores the heterogeneity in time preferences using the latent class trajectory modelling framework.

A simple satisficing model

In this paper, we develop a simple satisficing model that can be run on standard data.